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Mindfulness credentials MBSR MBCT Nick Diggins BrightonMindfulness  for Wellbeing, Resilience & for Reducing Stress, Anxiety & Depression (Mindfulness Brighton Hove & Sussex)

 Mindfulness is now recognised by doctors and psychologists as a powerful tool for enhancing wellbeing and reducing everyday life stress, as well as anxiety and depression.  A recent poll showed that almost 75% of doctors think all patients would benefit from learning mindfulness skills*.  Mindfulness also can help us – appreciate life more, improve our  relationships, and be more effective with tasks and activities. It is now increasingly used in business settings, and there is evidence that it can improve performance in sport. (Mindfulness Brighton, Hove & Lewes and Sussex).

What is Mindfulness and how can it help?

Mindfulness involves a particular way of giving our attention to our present-moment experience, which anyone can practice.  Mindfulness can help reduce worrying and fretting, or churning over’ problems in a way that makes us mentally go round in circles, or get upset time and again by the same triggers . It can also greatly increase our enjoyment of life and our appreciation of the things that really matter most to us.

Mindfulness can help bring . . .



Mindfulness Brighton, Hove and Lewes – MBCT and MBSR

Two clinically tried and tested 8-week (non-religious) mindfulness courses are- Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), and Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR).  MBSR was originally developed by John Kabat-Zinn to help people manage the stress of extreme health conditions, but it’s now used very widely to help anyone reduce everyday life stress and anxiety and live life more fully.  MBCT  is largely the same as  MBSR but includes elements of Cognitive Therapy too, and it has been shown to reduce the chance of relapse depression and also to reduce anxiety.  These 8-week courses have become the ‘gold standard’ for secular mindfulness and most secular mindfulness programs, including workplace courses, are either based on or inspired by them. As I teach these courses they are relevant for anyone who wants to enhance their general wellbeing. For specific information about MBCT and MBSR click here.

*Source an ICM poll commissioned by the Mental Health Foundation- https://www.bemindful.co.uk/mbsr/evidence.