One-to-One Mindfulness Course (MBCT or MBSR)

One-to-One Mindfulness Courses

If you are unable to attend one of my advertised MBSR or MBCT mindfulness courses, or if you would prefer not to do the course in a group, it is possible to do the entire MBSR or MBCT course in a one-to-one format. This is more expensive than attending a group-based course and it does mean missing out on the shared learning that comes from participating in the course with others. However, it does mean you could have more flexibility in doing the course at a time more suited to your schedule. It also has the advantage of providing an opportunity to discuss in more depth your personal experience of doing the mindfulness practices and of applying what you are learning to your daily life.

The format of the distance learning course is nine, weekly 50-minute sessions: either by Skype (or something similar) or over the telephone.  My preference is for the sessions to be at the same time each week but I might be able to adjust them to accommodate your schedule if that’s not possible for you.

If you would prefer to do the one-to-one course face to face I can arrange to do that from the Anahata Health Center on Edward Street but it would cost more that way because I’d have to pay for the room rent at the venue.

The course sessions follow the same themes and cover the same content as the standard group-based MBSR and MBCT course formats (you can choose which one you want to do) but there is more scope to adapt the sessions to accommodate the students personal learning process.  I have taught many courses this way and it is surprisingly effective even with the disadvantage of missing the shared learning that comes from being in a group.

As with the group-based course, each session starts with a guided meditation practice (in this case it’s just 10 minutes), followed by us exploring together what you experienced during that practice. We then explore the experience you had while doing the various parts of the home practice from the previous week. Then for the remainder of the session each week I’ll introduce a different aspect or dimension of mindfulness.

If you would like to find out more about the One-to-One MBSR or One-to-One MBCT Mindfulness course please contact me via the contacts page.