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Mindfulness Meditation – Audio Recordings for Download

This set of mindfulness recordings include guidance on how to get started with mindfulness meditation. These practices are largely the same as those taught on the 8-week mindfulness courses (although they are different recordings). This set of tracks has been designed to be accessible to anyone new to mindfulness meditation but they could also be used as alternative versions of the mindfulness meditation tracks provided on the mindfulness courses. I’d recommend listening to Track 2 ‘Short Meditation’ by clicking on the link below before purchasing the set of recordings.

If you would like to then go ahead and purchase these audio downloads please click on the purchase button on the right hand side of this page. Please note this webpage only has the facility to pay via Paypal. If you would like to purchase the recordings but don’t have  Paypal account please contact me.

Track list –

1. Introduction (5:48 mins)

2. Short Meditation (10:11 mins)

3. Breath and Body (18:41 mins)

4. Sounds and Thoughts, (14:14 mins)

5. The Body Scan (29:20 mins)

Please note – although mindfulness has been shown to enhance emotional well-being it might be unhelpful in certain circumstances: for example, for people experiencing recurrent strong painful emotion, current or past trauma, or for people who are vulnerable to psychosis.  Mindfulness can lead to an increased awareness of positive life experiences and an increased enjoyment of ordinary everyday activities and situations. It can also help us manage difficult life experiences and emotions. However increasing our awareness of our current experience can put us more ‘in touch’ with unpleasant emotion that had been hitherto been kept ‘at arms length’. Although this can itself be ‘healing’ it can also sometimes be disconcerting. If you are unsure whether mindfulness is appropriate for you, or if you have a mental health diagnosis, please consult your doctor. This CD should not be used instead of appropriate medical treatment.