Testimonials from participants on Brighton Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy and Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction Courses led by Nick Diggins

“I can’t begin to tell you how much I am enjoying your course. You are a truly inspirational teacher. The feeling in that room on a Saturday is so wonderfully healing. I’m sure it’s possible to practice mindfulness simply by reading the books of Jon Kabat-Zinn, Mark Williams etc., but I’ve come to realise that being expertly taught in a group environment brings the practice to a whole other level and deepens one’s commitment to the moment-by-moment journey of mindfulness.
I feel I’ve particularly benefitted from the verbal interaction that you gently encourage in your group sessions and I can’t thank you enough for the natural empathy you bring to the group. Like a lot of men, I’ve always been a hesitant about joining groups, feeling that the group situation is not my natural domain. But you seem to have an amazing ability to make everyone in the group feel welcome in a way that makes for a very relaxing and enjoyable experience. To be honest, I was expecting a solemn, heavy-going eight-week course. Instead, I’ve encountered a group situation that has been immeasurably enriching but also greatly enhanced by laughter from time to time. It’s not been heavy-going at all. Actually, it’s been a sheer joy. As one session ends I’m already looking forward to the next one.
Sincerely, I feel blessed to have you as a teacher.”

“The MBCT course with Nick was,  for want of a better word,  ‘life changing’.  It has given me the tools to overcome negative thought patterns and find an inner peace which I hadn’t found before. I can’t recommend the course enough.”

“Thanks so much for the course-it’s really made the difference between coping at work and not coping. And actually I feel a lot more focused and in control than I have done for many months.”

“Thanks for the wonderful leadership, sensitivity and humour. Life changing for me.”

“I never realised it would be so much fun.”

“I would like to thank you for leading such an incredible journey. It is such a privilege to work with you (& such a lovely group), & to feel ‘safe’ enough to really explore & delve into this new beginning. It connects on both a personal and professional level, & I feel very excited to begin learning these tools & to work with them to see where they lead.
Very many thanks for such a respectful & sensitive approach, which enables us to open up to this new way of being.”

“Thank you for provining and teaching such a wonderful course. Thank you for your tuition and individual attention . . . I think the fact that we enjoyed it so much is indicative of your skills as a teacher. You have an empathic, genuine and congruent way that is detectable before you even speak a word. Your explanations and metaphors brought the knowledge home in a really enjoyable way. In addition I thought the handbook and audio materials were excellent and I know I will use the CDs for a long time to come.  You are a great and inspirational teacher and I will be recommending your course to my friends and colleagues. I can always tell a great meditation teacher because my heart beats more slowly in their presence and that is certainly the case with you. I will always remember your words of wisdom.”

“Thank you for such a fabulous meditation day, and the course has enriched my life beyond words.”

“Nick has changed my view on life and what its all about!! – that’s a pretty big statement, but I mean every word of it. I’m a normal young woman who wanted to find some peace within myself and to keep my anxiety’s at bay, I was rushing through Life so quickly that i was missing it and Nicks teachings have helped me tremendously.
Some people in the world, just ‘get you’ and Nick is one of those, his understanding of how the human mind/conscious works is unbelievable and fascinating.
He seems to find it very easy to put you at ease and to ‘hear’ what you are trying to get across, even if you are like me, someone who hasn’t got the most eloquent vocabulary! Nick would always hit the spot with his answers and never Fob you off.
I couldnt wait to get to each class every week and to put into pratice what we had learnt that week..I plan to try and continue to ‘be here now’, ‘remember my breath’ and be ‘mindfull in everyday life’…I feel Nick has helped me to not miss anymore of my life!
Thank you Nick”

“Thank you for such an absorbing and uplifting course, I really enjoyed it.”

Thank you for giving such a wonderful course , Nick.
Your knowledge and honesty really touched my heart. Your humour is addictive..
The course  encouraged me to embrace ‘being’ and in the process I believe I met a gorgeous bunch of friends.

“I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the course and how much benefit I have got out of it. I have learnt lots of new skills, for example being able to stay much more grounded even when experiencing very strong emotion, being much quicker at calming down when I do get stressed, and being able to focus on my breath when I am very anxious.   I found the Mindfully Being with a Difficulty meditation particularly helpful – and I have the feeling now of being whole again.   Having felt disconnected from myself for a long time I am now fully present even if I am upset of angry.”

“Nick Diggins is an expert MBCT teacher. His personality lends itself to teaching gentle, attentive self-inquiry.  He helped me open the great door into the present moment.”

” . . . I also wanted to say again how much the course has helped me.  I just feel so different and can cope with so much more now without getting nearly so stressed.  I have manged to do either the sitting meditation or body scan every day since the course except Christmas day when I just managed the breathing space!  I’ve also used the coping breathing space coupled with the “lake” which I’ve found really helpful when things get tricky – and its made such a difference. So thank you SO much once again, its really changed my life!!”

“Some things from the course really stuck with me.  It was a bit of a catalyst. The course allowed me to reconnect with my true self and my true path and I feel things have really opened up since. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the part you have played in my journey.”

“Just a quick note to thank you very much. You ran a really super course and managed our disparate group with an assured and confident sensitivity that was appreciated by one and all.
Our final session recap evidenced how much we all got out of it, and if you had been able to join the few of us that went for a drink afterwards you might have had to hide your blushes: the general approbation and warm feeling flowing your way were unanimous. Thank you for doing such a good and worthwhile job.
With huge appreciation”

“Thank you again so much for such an enriching experience on your course, I enjoyed it so much!”

“I went on one of Nick’s mindfulness courses and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was truly inspirational and I have found it a great help both professionally and personally. “

“Thank you for the MBCT course that we completed a few weeks ago. I had to have an MRI scan the other week and am not sure quite how I would have managed without the practices that you introduced me to, it’s the nearest I’ve come to a panic attack in some years so a big THANKS for that. You are a calm, containing and compassionate teacher and healer.”

“Thank you once again for facilitating our mindfulness group in such a skillful and helpful way. I hesitate about going over the top with my response, but I have found the process life changing (even at my age!). I feel more anchored in the present- which was my initial intention but in addition have gained much from everybody. I intend to continue with my daily exercises.”

“As a participant on an MBCT course with Nick Diggins, I learnt to look at my experiences in a different way. The eight sessions of the course were taught in a thorough and developmental way, at the end of which I felt able to create a program for future use in preventing relapse into depression.
Nick made me feel ‘emotionally held’ within the group. He helped me to clarify and validate my feelings. Nick enabled me to look at my thoughts, feelings and actions in a more skilful way. Through Nick’s guidance, I learnt to identify ‘early warning signs,’ and to put in place strategies for coping, and to construct a personal ‘relapse prevention plan’.
Being empowered to relate more mindfully to my experiences instead of running on automatic pilot, I felt in control and responsible for my choices. I learnt the advantages of a regular meditation practice, and the ‘Breathing Space’ has become a device which I can apply at any given time. I have experienced the feeling of liberation that accompanies acceptance, and how to distinguish between thoughts and facts, which helped me through a particularly difficult stage of ‘cancer phobia.’ I am handling my feelings of agoraphobia in a positive way and can now go out alone. Nick has helped me to make radical changes in my attitude about depression and anxiety.
In my opinion, Nick is an excellent teacher who responds to individual needs within the group. His timing allows individual exploration without impinging on other participants’ time. He moves on very smoothly from one group member to another, allowing each member to feel important and heard. I would recommend anyone who would like to take part in an MBCT course to do this under Nick’s guidance, as the benefits I have gained are immense.”

“The MCBT course with Nick was for me a challenging time.  Challenging in that it gave me a different perspective; what I was doing wasn’t working so doing more of it (as it were) wasn’t ever likely to get me out of the dark place I was in.  Even just being able to accept myself, here and now, ‘warts and all’, initially felt like a major hurdle.  But…and it’s a big ‘but’ ….Nick is an excellent teacher and guide.  He coordinated a very diverse group with sensitivity and integrity.  Nick teaches from the heart, not the text-book.  And although I can’t report a ‘miracle cure’ (do such things exist?! ) this course gave me insight and, on a practical level, tools to help me on my journey.  I still use the CDs he prepared and read the course handbook from time to time.  So – highly recommended.  This course really could change your life! ”

Thank you for a great course.  I really appreciated the way you ran the course.  Never judgemental, always holding boundaries appropriately, making sure we were all ‘safe’, focusing us gently back on what we were meant to be doing when we wandered off!  Not an easy thing to do.

“Nick was my teacher in 8 week meditation long distance course through Bangor University. Both Nick’s expertise and compassion have made that learning experience memorable and I cherish the experience. I highly recommend Nick for instruction in Mindfulness Meditation.”

“I just wanted to share my appreciation of your skill, sensitivity and professionalism on the course I did in Lewes. It’s helped enormously and I still have so much more practice to undertake! You made meditation something I want to do and not something I ought to do!
Thank you. ”

“I went on one of Nick’s mindfulness courses and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was truly inspirational and I have found it a great help both professionally and personally. “

(All testimonials quoted with permission).                                                                                                                                                     

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